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Principal Investigators
Moira Stewart

Senior Lecturer, Child Health

Address: Department of Child Health, The Queen's University of Belfast, Institute of Clinical Science, Grosvenor Road, Belfast, BT12 6BL.



Tel No: (028) 90894743 (Department)

Fax No: (028) 90236455 (Department)

Research interests: longitudinal studies of cardiovascular risk factors originating in fetal life, nutrition and feeding practices of young children and their long-term consequences, and socio-economic factors influencing child health.

Selected Recent Publications

Macpherson C, Stewart MC, McClure BG, Alderdice F, Stevenson M, O'Reilly D. Pregnancy, Planning and Health Inequalities.  Archives of Disease in Childhood 2000: 82 (1).

McGovern MC, Stewart MC. Drawing up clinical guidelines (R). International Journal of Clinical Practice 1999; 53: 118-120.

Nelson JK, Shields MD, Stewart MC, Coyle PV. Investigation of seroprevalence of respiratory virus infections in an infant population with a multiantigen fluorescence immunoassay using heel-prick blood samples collected on filter paper. Pediatric Research 1999; 45: 799-802.

Stewart MC, Werneke U, MacFaul R, Taylor-Meek J, Smith HE, Smith IJ. Medical and social factors associated with the admission and discharge of acutely ill children. Archives of Disease in Childhood 1998; 79: 219-224.

Corrigan N, Stewart MC, Scott MJ, Fee F. Fragile X, iron, and neurodevelopmental screening in 8 year old children with mild to moderate learning difficulties. Archives of Disease in Childhood 1997; 76: 264-267.

Corrigan N, Stewart MC, Scott MJ, Fee F. Predictive value of preschool surveillance in detecting learning difficulties. Archives of Disease in Childhood 1996; 74: 517-521.